October 27, 2008

How do weekends go so fast!.. I am trying very hard to get my life orgainized and well give it some flow, but yeah I am still off kilter.

I thought today that my life is well not on time. I am off on my timing and I have to say that I am not sure how to get it back on time. I am doing lots of useless things which bugs me, but how do I... know what are the right things to do? Any ideas or suggestions. Who do I ask.

I need a life coach for some directions. I know I can get shit done, but the right shit is the challenge for me and is seeming to be the hardest part.

I think I have a fun pet photo job. Well it is not paying I just get to take picture and hopfullly get some business out of it? I really don't care about that, but to just get my camera in gear will be tones of fun!

Hope you both are well.

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Jen said...

ARGH! So sorry I haven't read in so long!!! Next week I will get back online and get everything straightened out! I think of you every day and miss you so much!!!