October 21, 2008

Since I have started working I sware I am loaded with work. I am trying to get everything moving and well it has just built up and when I think I am finished something I have to rework it or something else finds away into my lap. Ahhhh! I would really like thing to settle down and allow me to get caught up with things.

I guess I am being taught to manage my time and efforts. I guess also to understand what is important and what needs attention. I have a goal in mind on how I would like things to work themselves out and I guess I should get writing about that.... my goal.

I was shopping for a gift for my mom tonight and I found this really cool mask that was a spider. I think it would be so symbolic of me an my spider totem. If I do end up getting it for Halloween. I will sure to post a picture.

Hope you both are well.

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