October 27, 2008

How do weekends go so fast!.. I am trying very hard to get my life orgainized and well give it some flow, but yeah I am still off kilter.

I thought today that my life is well not on time. I am off on my timing and I have to say that I am not sure how to get it back on time. I am doing lots of useless things which bugs me, but how do I... know what are the right things to do? Any ideas or suggestions. Who do I ask.

I need a life coach for some directions. I know I can get shit done, but the right shit is the challenge for me and is seeming to be the hardest part.

I think I have a fun pet photo job. Well it is not paying I just get to take picture and hopfullly get some business out of it? I really don't care about that, but to just get my camera in gear will be tones of fun!

Hope you both are well.

October 21, 2008

Since I have started working I sware I am loaded with work. I am trying to get everything moving and well it has just built up and when I think I am finished something I have to rework it or something else finds away into my lap. Ahhhh! I would really like thing to settle down and allow me to get caught up with things.

I guess I am being taught to manage my time and efforts. I guess also to understand what is important and what needs attention. I have a goal in mind on how I would like things to work themselves out and I guess I should get writing about that.... my goal.

I was shopping for a gift for my mom tonight and I found this really cool mask that was a spider. I think it would be so symbolic of me an my spider totem. If I do end up getting it for Halloween. I will sure to post a picture.

Hope you both are well.

October 18, 2008

Wow, how does time fly. I have to say it just felt like yesterday that Jen left for Korea and Holly and Steve got engaded. I tell you sometimes there is just not enought time in the day, week, month... and soon to be year.

My new job a Charles MacPherson Associates (my email is kim@charlesmacpherson.com) is going well. I have been given really great reveiw from my boss. I am putting in lots of over time to get on top of my stuff and the learning courve is always a challenge when you start a new job. I am loving the Mon-Fri work week. It has been long time coming. I feel more relaxed and not so everywhere and scared. This allow for more focus and time to make plans and reach goals.

I feel that I am missing the two greatest people in my life. I almost feel that we have all just kind of moved away in our own seperate directions. I am looking forward to the moving closer together part again. I miss you both so much. I hope you two are still chatting lots and keeping each other focused.

Holly I read you blogg and I am inspired by you and how you are still writing. I know we all need to see that. Jen, what happiened to you? I have not heard or see anything since well the beginning of Oct. I know we all think of each other lots. Or well I think of you both lots. I kind of feel like I am getting my stuff together, but I really miss the lady support that we shared and share.

Stefano and I are still doing well. I think it is kind of hard on him having me working late. I think he is kind of lost as to what to do with him self. I think we are a strange couple. I see myself falling in love with him more and more each day. Life is strange sometime.

On a final note for today does any one have a good spiritual book to recommend for me to read. I am looking for one, but not sure what one. I am in need of some working to be done. I am kind of back in my flow, but still looking to keep working. I am most need myself to keep working even when things are looking good. I feel that the more I put in to this the more I am going to get out and well, I really want to go for the double gold!

Love and miss you both very much!
Hugs Kim

September 29, 2008

Okay I am a little confused on how this all works? I am going to keep working at it, but till then you will just have to bare with me!

September 26, 2008

To new beginnings!

A new project and new beginnings. This is going to be wonderfully exciting. I get to share!